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  • Your representative will then follow up with a written recommendation that addresses your facility's specific needs. We’ll help you optimize airflow by matching the unique factors of your facility with the right size, quantity and placement of high volume, low speed (HVLS) fans
  • You’ll get a full ROI report on all recommendations – projecting your savings in terms of winter heating, summer cooling, worker productivity and replacement of portable fans.


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Size Matters

Larger diameter fans will move air further down rack aisles and over some obstructions. Smaller diameter fans can be most effective in specific work or activity areas, or where installation space is limited.

A professional fan configuration from Rite-Hite will ensure you have the right size and the right number of fans for your space. No more, no less.

Standards Matter

Rite-Hite fans set the HVLS standard with these key features:

  • Design: Our exclusive Propell-Aire™ aluminum blade incorporates tilt, taper and twist to produce consistent airflow.
  • Construction: Our blade-to-hub connection features a vibration-absorbing material designed to reduce stress to the hub by 50-75%.
  • Safety: Redundant safety features and stabilizing cables are present on all fan designs.
  • Wireless Fan Controls: Save energy with a customized 7-day schedule or adjust fan operation based on temperature.

Experience Matters

Every fan purchase is backed by Rite-Hite's 50-year track record as an industrial manufacturer and installed by Rite-Hite technicians who are professionally trained to install our manufactured fans.

HVLS Fan Applications

Rite-Hite offers high-efficiency, cost-effective climate control and a design that’s right for every space:

  • Agriculture
  • Athletic Facilities
  • Airport Hangars & Aviation
  • Outdoor Entertainment Venues
  • Restaurants
  • Food & Beverage Production/Distribution
  • Warehouses/Distribution Centers
  • Hundreds of other applications