Opti-Vu® Virtual Discovery Workshop

Quickly see how we can connect your Productivity, Safety & Energy initiatives with your data & systems to facilitate improvement in your operations.

Request a discussion tailored to how Opti-Vu can help your facility's unique needs with the Rite-Hite Digital Advising team. 

More than Sensors and Data

Tap into the tremendous data collection capabilities of smart Rite-Hite equipment in a highly customizable way. Monitor numerous events throughout the day and focus on events that matter most to your facility, your job and your people to help: 

  • Improve safety behaviors
  • Boost loading dock productivity
  • Reduce energy waste

See What You're Missing 

Identify, analyze and eliminate behaviors and processes that may be holding back your operations – including issues you didn’t even know existed. Receive alerts, trend updates and review customized comparisons to:

  • Monitor real-time dock status
  • Leverage loading dock analytics
  • Discover energy saving opportunities 

Small Moments. Big Impacts.

A door activates, but no one goes through. A forklift collision is narrowly avoided at a busy intersection. A loading dock sits empty, while a full trailer waits to be unloaded. They’re the small moments that you often can’t see. But they can add up to big impacts on your operation.

Opti-Vu® IIoT Platform taps into the tremendous data collection capabilities of Rite-Hite products to capture those moments you’re missing. You can monitor numerous events throughout the day and focus on the events that matter most to you – improving productivity, safety and energy efficiency every step of the way.

"Previously, I had no way of knowing all the issues across our facility that end up costing us. But Opti-Vu opened my eyes. We’re zeroing in on problem areas and finding [better] ways." - Refrigerated Facility GM

“With Opti-Vu, I'm seeing all kids of events happening around the dock. Now, we can be proactive in training where needed to help improve safety behaviors and productivity!”
-Business Owner