Small Moments, Big Impacts

A door activates, but no one goes through. A forklift collision is narrowly avoided at a busy intersection. A loading dock sits empty, while a full trailer waits to be unloaded. They’re the small moments that you often can’t see. But they can add up to big impacts on your operation.

How long do your doors stay open? Opti-Vu can show you average cycle times plant-wide, so that you can identify doors that may be open too long. This helps you train teams to ensure they get through the door and it is closed as quickly as possible. This is the beginning of the ways you can monitor and manage energy use with Opti-Vu.

Opti-Vu® Warehouse Optimization Software taps into the tremendous data collection capabilities of Rite-Hite products to capture those moments you’re missing. You can monitor numerous events throughout the day and focus on the events that matter most to you – improving productivity, safety and energy efficiency every step of the way.

"Previously, I had no way of knowing all the different issues across our facility that end up costing us. But Opti-Vu opened my eyes. We’re zeroing in on problem areas and finding [better] ways."

- Refrigerated Facility GM


More than just

sensors and data.

Monitor numerous events throughout the day and focus on events that matter most to your facility, your job and your people.

  • Review Customized Comparisons by Day, Week, Month, Quarter or Year
  • Receive Alerts and Trend Updates

OPTI-Vu Virtual Discovery Workshop – "See What YOU'RE MISSING"

You’ll quickly gain a complete picture of how your team can use Opti-Vu to improve productivity, safety and energy efficiency.

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One way that Opti-Vu can help your team is with access to the power of proactive energy tools:

  • Compare and diagnose energy use across multiple data points
  • Control and monitor energy loss
  • Study and understand challenges and their causes with diagnostic analytics

Help improve your employees behavior. Review events, receive alerts and validate processes and training.

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