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Keep Employees Cool and Comfortable with Rite-Hite Fans

Facilities may become uncomfortably hot during the summer months which could lead to environments where employees are at risk for heat stress and heat exhaustion.  

HVLS Fans Lower Effective Temperatures Inside a Facility

The gentle breeze created by HVLS fans helps create a comfortable and productive workplace environment.  

An air speed of just two to three miles per hour creates an evaporative cooling sensation of 7°F to 11°F. HVLS fans can lower the effective temperature of a warehouse from 84°F to 73°F. This cooling effect can increase worker productivity by 35%.



Loading Dock Fans Reduce Temperatures Inside a Trailer

Loading dock fans, like the CoolMan 2800 Trailer Fan, are specifically designed for manual loading and unloading by providing directional airflow into the trailer. The CoolMan 2800 Trailer Fan keeps the area well ventilated and helps reduce the temperatures, keeping employees safe, cool and productive.


Watch this video and see how HVLS fans are a cost-effective solution to keeping people cool.


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