Are You Missing Opportunities to Maximize Efficiency and Comfort?

Let our experts help you uncover productivity-driving improvements in climate control throughout your facility. Rite-Hite’s Free Application Review is a quick and simple process that brings you expert advice including:

  • Determining the effects of poor or limited airflow throughout your facility.
  • Exploring interior and exterior environmental factors that impact airflow.
  • Recommending improvements to your indoor climate, such as high-speed doors, dock seals & more.

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 What to Expect During and After

  1. Your Rite-Hite representative will do a walk-through of your facility.
  2. Your representative will then follow up with a written recommendation that addresses your facility's specific needs. We’ll help you optimize airflow by matching the unique factors of your facility with the right size, quantity and placement of high volume, low speed (HVLS) fans. (Learn more about Rite-Hite fans.)
  3. You’ll get a full ROI report on all recommendations – projecting your savings in terms of winter heating, summer cooling, worker productivity and replacement of portable fans.
  4. You’ll also get a closer look at the Rite-Hite Exclusive Trial Program and One-Year Customer Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.
Many customers have told us it’s a fast, easy way to make valuable operational improvements. So contact us today for an appointment or to answer your questions.