Where Do You Need Protection? 

There are many different degrees of barrier protection required in a facility. Watch the short video below and discover Rite-Hite's full line of industrial safety barriers. Each designed to help protect your people, product and equipment, throughout your entire facility.


Discover how barrier solutions have improved safety at these locations:
» LOADING DOCKS and the 4' drop-off
» WORK ZONES AND WALKWAYS on the plant floor
» SENSITIVE EQUIPMENT and facility structures
» BLIND CORNERS and busy intersections
» MEZZANINES and elevated work levels

 Rite-Hite Barriers Are Impact Rated

  • Rite-Hite safety barriers are rated according to their ability to absorb an impact based on a full range of weights and speeds
  • These impact ratings can be used to help match the right barrier for the right application. Read more. 


Submit this form for a FREE Facility Safety Assessment. Your local Rite-Hite Representative is available to help you:

  • Identify challenge areas throughout your facility
  • Determine budget appropriate solutions
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